2009 Honda CBR 1000 RR ABS & 2009 Honda CBR 600 RR ABS Photos Friday September 5, 2008 2009 Honda CBR600RR
2009_Honda_CBR1000RR_ABS_7.jpg 2009_Honda_CBR600RR_tricolor.jpgUnofficial photos of Honda's 2009 CBR600RR ABS and CBR1000RR ABS have surfaced via Hell for Leather Magazine, and if their reports are correct both models will be available with ABS. Hell for Leather reports that the 600 features a reworked engine and exhaust system that produces improved torque from 8,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm, a fairing that offers more stability and reduced wind noise, and best-in-class curb weight. The new 600 also wears some wild paint schemes (which we might not see here in the States, since the photos cover the European version.) Check 'em out in our 2009 Honda CBR600RR Photo Gallery.
2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS

The 2009 CBR1000RR hasn't been changed much since the dramatically reworked 2008 model, and will be available in the ever-popular Repsol repli-racer paint scheme. ABS is differentiated in both models by bronze-colored calipers, which can be seen in our 2009 Honda CBR1000RR Photo Gallery.

If you recall our report on Honda's Combined ABS system, the optional anti-lock brakes should be mass centralized, smooth operating, and calibrated for sport riding. Whether or not the ABS system is desirable for high performance riding remains to be seen, but considering the radical evolution of the technology over the past few years the package looks promising, though curb weight fanatics should note that it comes at a 22 lb. premium.

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