Yamaha r15 review- A true indian sport bike

This one is a gem of a machine. To be honest with you i do'nt own this bike. my cousin had bought it in December of 2009. But i had a chance to ride it this week only. I am a thorough tester of a bike and i wanted to completely analyze the bike. so we took it to he high ways for the performance test. we chose Chennai bypass. the road that connects Maduravoyal to Tambaram.


It's a 35km stretch of sheer pleasurable road. No bumps, no pits. it was a class road to test the bike's performance. so we took it there. got on to it. It truly felt like a sport bike. the seating posture impressed me so much that i leaned most of the time while riding it. i switched it on. revved it a bit. the throttle response on the rpm was amazing. the next thing, pulled in the clutch and shifted down, and started moving. the idling was quite high when compared to other bikes around. and i wonder why? the next thing i noticed was my right wrist twitching me to twist the throttle. And so i twisted the throttle. to my surprise the bike was responding like a true sport bike. I'm a actual owner of a Yamaha two stroke 135 cc bike. And i clearly know the pickup a four stroke 150cc can offer. but this was strange the pickup was almost as equal as my two stroke.


It just pulled me n begged for more so twisted more i touched red and i was already toughing 40km in 1st gear, 2nd gear 70 kmph, 3rd gear revved up to red and reached 95kmph, i was amazed by the gear ratios Yamaha has set for this bike. it is astounding for a small engine to perform this much. 4th gear and i was crossing 105 already. then started a bit of wind resistance, i was a bit over weight (78kgs) and weight dragged it a bit too. 5th gear i crossed 115kmph, and 6th gear i was so close to 140 kmph it was more or less touching that point 139-140 i trusted the digital speedo, it was quite accurate than my old manual odo. believe me or not most Indian bike would vibrate a lot or shake or makes the rider feel unsafe or you know poor handle at such speeds. but r15 truly is significant among those bike. the bike was not vibrating much, and it was asking for more. but since it's not my own piece of cake, it slowed it. wanted to test the brakes on it. so slowed to 95kmph and applied and locked both front and back disc brakes. the response was instant. went from 95kmph to 0 in 3 secs.


I say this bike has cojones. if you are really a bike enthusiast you should go for it. Its got all the goodies you've ever wondered. the headlamps, tail lamps are pretty impressive. I'm not gonna stress on mileage because it's a sport bike not a economy bike. but still if you want to know the figures it gives around 35 to 37 kms per liter. that is quite good for the performance it delivers. The rest of the bike is a all a sculpted diamond frame.

In a Nutshell:


  • Great acceleration, good top end
  • Handles like a true sport bike
  • Maintainability is very low
  • Mono shocks
  • Front and back disc brakes
  • Fuel injection for instant pickup
  • Low end torque. I've driven the bike at as low as 15kmph in 5th gear
  • Looks looks looks what else can i say
  • Quality. the faring, frame, vinyl, everything is a quality piece.


  • Not affordable by all segments of customers.Price is around

112000-115000 rupees. depends on your locality

  • The bike doesn't have a kick start. so when you are out of battery, you

literally have to push start or jump start the bike.

  • For some the mono-shock experience is not as comfortable as dual shocks,

but again i see no defects.

  • Takes more space in your garage to park it.
  • You have to keep an eye on your bike when you park it outside a unknown

area. the bike attracts strangers to pick that shiny Yamaha logo. and

some even scratch the tank( too jealous) i don't know why.. :D

And that's it. if you have any questions or points to share, feel free to

comment on this channel. Thank you guys..

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