Yamaha Rx 135 review

All right this review is only for people who own a Yamaha Rx 135. And here goes….

The first thing i would like to tell u is is my passion for the bike, as a kid i use to see those college student speeding up on their bikes just like racers on the track. I used to think of it and for a long time i dint even know the name of the bike, so one day i when i saw the bike at a parking lot i asked it's owner what's the name of this bike , he humbly said it's a Rx, but he never said what version of the Rx it was, ever since that i wanted to own that thing soon.

Time came, i was 18, the day i was 18 i applied for my license and got it by 4 months, next is Wat? i asked my parent to buy me a Rx. The day i remember it was 20th august 18th 2006, they didn't have a clue about the bike, we went to a Yamaha showroom to ask the dealer for the bike, they said it has stopped manufacturing Rx 100 and Rx 135( now wait, what is this Rx 100 and Rx 135, i never knew such classification between Rx before, i was too curious to know) and so asked the dealer about the difference between those two makes. That day i kept my eye on going for a Rx 135, but the sad part was it was out of stock and i cant get a new one. So i returned home with unfilled joy. Soon after i bought a Honda shine, i liked the bike for a long time.

But i still could not forget my old one side love toward my Rx, one day the icici people took my bike without my notice, i never knew Wat was happening, my parents gave a fir about the matter, but soon those guys called and said we dint pay emi properly nad hence they took the bike, they gave 4 months to repay the full installment, but as time passed, money was not sufficient to pay the 32k mark to retain the bike, so i had to give up on the bike.

After a year, i was again in love with the Rx, but his time seriously i wanted to own, had collected 12000 for this since a year from my pocket money, it was college 2nd year, when one of my friends brother was going to Australia he wanted to sell his Yamaha rx 135 1999 model for 10000, that was the best jackpot in my life, I paid it and got my love. it was a well maintained bike, the user was a good rider, hardcore but still a decent rider,

Soon after i got the bike i tuned various things on the bike, i changed the default mikuni carb with the rd 350's carb for more power, i fitted a k&n air filter and did a up jetting job,. and more recently i had a re bore, fitted the last size of piston which was a Malaysian make( they r pretty costly), and ported the bike fully, it really made me pay double after that . mileage was around 18 after the rebuild, but the power was simply insane.

My bikes performance after rebuild.. here goes…

Top speed: 140kmph on a slope. 130kmph on a norml straight, will reach in approx 2 mins
0-60 in 3 secs
0-100 in 8 secs
Wheelie on the 3rd gear(Can u do it on your bike???)
Mileage 18 to 20kmpl

I did not make any changes with to tyres of the doom and the looks, because the default look is the beauty of the bike. I've driven 350 kms at stretch without a back pain on this bike. The seat is very comfortable and very straight so u can move according to the handle movements.

There are still more things to say about my bike, Those long nights and long days that got passed by with my bike. Surely i'll come up with a much more good review when i get my Rd 350 :D :D

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